Free School’s first 3 years

In 2013 Krétakör launched Free School (Szabadiskola), in which until today nearly 200 students have participated, from more than 40 schools. Students led discussions to their peers, created street art [...]

See the Human!

The See the Human! campaign and the demonstration and artistic performance titled Testimony on September 30th, 2016 was initiated by Róbert Alföldi, Péter Horgas, Árpád Schilling, and by the Civil Lib [...]

Bánk bán – ACT (Activists Contribute to Theatre)

Ferenc Erkel's Bánk bán is regarded as Hungary's most important national opera. Nearly unknown abroad and hardly performed outside Hungary, the opera is part of Hungary's official national culture. Wh [...]

Princess Margriet Award

This year the Krétakör Foundation received one of the most prominent cultural acknowledgments of the continent: the European Cultural Foundation’s (ECF) Princess Margriet Award for Culture. Krétakör w [...]

L’éloge de l’escapologiste (Apology of the Escapologist)

Patrick Sommier, director of MC93 Bobigny (partner theatre of Krétakör between 2001 and 2008) saw The Astronomer’s Dream programed at the Kapolcs-Valley of Arts festival in 2006. Inspired by our proj [...]

Father Courage

Father Courage was a summer performance presented on Szentendre Island together with the French Le Phun company. The director of the French group, Phéraille Ricardo Montserrat, has worked with the Ro [...]

Obstacle Race

Obstacle Race is a theatre in education program of Káva Cultural Group and Krétakör. Back in 2008, the two organizations decided to conduct an innovative experiment in which they try to merge the lat [...]


URBANRABBITs was a the result of a collaboration between CNAC (National Centre for Circus Arts) and Krétakör. Directed by Árpád Schilling, it premiered  on 17 December 2009 on the main campus of the [...]


Following the Escapologist program series, Árpád Schilling’s next performance was an artistic experiment with a personal tone, focusing on issues of commitment, men and women living together and havi [...]

May Day

Part of the Pécs2010 – European Capital of Culture event series, May Day was a performance with the participation of several hundred people from Pécs. It took place between 30 April and 2 May 2010 in [...]

New Spectator

The program, a collaboration between Káva Cultural Group, anBlokk Association and Krétakör, set out to create a forum for dialogue between Roma and non-Roma  inhabitants - members of a minority group [...]


Crisis Trilogy explored different personal and social crisis situations through the story of the Gát family. Each part portrayed one of the three family members through different performing arts genr [...]

The first part of the trilogy is a dreamlike journey, the growing-up-attempt of the 18-year-old Balázs Gát. Balázs leaves his family in order to start his independent life, but it is difficult to bre [...]

Ungrateful Beasts

The second part of the trilogy is the story of the 45-year-old child psychiatrist, Gyula Gát, taking the form of a chamber opera. Dr. Gát specializes in cases of domestic violence and child sexual ab [...]

The Priestess

The last part of the trilogy is the story of the mother, Lilla Gát. Once a popular actress in Budapest, she works as a dedicated drama teacher in a Hungarian village far from the capital trying to er [...]

Speak to Me!

The photos of Máté Tóth Ridovics were created as part of the Crisis Trilogy and  were first exhibited in the Rudé Právo building as part of the installation. Afterwards, the photo series was [...]


Obstacle Race launched a series of theatre in education games that were played within the school context. MOBIL was the next one. It is a kind of reality game that enables participating secondary sch [...]


Krétakör was the only Hungarian organization invited to participate in the 7th Berlin Biennale, a prestigious contemporary art exhibition. The event led by curators Artur Zmijewski and Joanna Warsza [...]

Can You Hold the Line?

Can You Hold the Line? is the title of a campaign for moderate alcohol consumption sponsored by Heineken Hungary. ShowHivatal, the office responsible for the campaign asked Krétakör to design and pro [...]


Directed by Arpad Schilling in the Chaillot National Theatre in Paris, Noéplanète (Noah Planet) was a performance with French actors and circus artists and civil participants of Roma origin. Further [...]


In the 2012-2013 academic year, with the cooperation of several secondary schools from Ferencváros (District IX.) we started a joint teacher-student game led by Bálint Juhász. The program was a commu [...]

Theatre Makers

Directors were invited by Árpád Schilling to the discussion series organized by Krétakör and Katona József Theatre to talk about their artistic programs, their strategies and views on theatre policy. [...]


BLOG |The annual corruption reports of Transparency International show that out of the 183 assessed countries, Hungary holds a solid position in the last third of the rankings. Bribery, abuse of powe [...]

The Day of Fury

The play’s theme is man’s endless vulnerability. The plan is to examine the extremist manifestation of the social hierarchy by using the theatre’s tools. The question that we ask the audience is: is [...]

The Party

BLOG | Hogyan lesz a hatalom a Párté? Hogyan válik a demokrácia a hatalom játékszerévé? Hogyan lehetséges, hogy folyamatosan róla van szó? Egyáltalán mire jó és hogyan működik a Párt? Schilling Árpád [...]