Can You Hold the Line? is the title of a campaign for moderate alcohol consumption sponsored by Heineken Hungary. ShowHivatal, the office responsible for the campaign asked Krétakör to design and produce the creative elements of the campaign.



The goal was to raise awareness among young adults regarding the most probable motivations and most obvious consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. Péter Fancsikai became the project’s manager. This was the first time for Krétakör to cooperate with the profit-oriented business sector. We wanted to challenge ourselves and try to provide creative material within a market-oriented environment. Even though the topic was strictly specified, the request gave free range to artistic creativity.

As the first phase of the project, an animation and a campaign video ad was produced based on a research, conducted among young people by EIKKA (European Youth Research and Organisation Developing and Communication Centre). The target group consisted of people between the ages of 18 and 35. Only half of the respondents thought that occasional excessive drinking was particularly detrimental to health. With the research results in mind, Péter Fancsikai headed to the Volt and Heineken Balaton Sound festivals, both sponsored by Heineken Hungary. He directed his actors to portray usual festival behaviors in several short performances and recorded the scenes including the reactions of people attending the festival. One of the amateur videos that captured one of the above mentioned scenes attracted 1 million viewers in one week on the most popular video sharing website. The most inventive element of the campaign was a peer pressure experiment where all the participants knew about the plan except for one person. Those who were involved tried to convince that one outsider to consume as much alcohol as possible. The next day, the person who was the subject of the experiment was confronted with the video recordings. He gave his consent to include his reflections which made the film complete.