Father Courage was a summer performance presented on Szentendre Island together with the French Le Phun company. The director of the French group, Phéraille Ricardo Montserrat, has worked with the Royal de Luxe company for a decade.



Le Phun has been to several continents, and since they had not yet been to Eastern Europe, they decided to cooperate with Krétakör and have chosen the Danube Island to be their first stop on their tour in the region. Father Courage was a mechanical iron horse. As if he was picking stories from a travel diary, he talked about the adventures he had and the different brave and poetic figures he met during his travels in Europe.

The mythic-methaphoric performance of the French-Hungarian group studied psychological questions in the the form of utopian visions.

The event was really sight specific: spectators boarded boats to come to the venue, where they could see scenes among the barracks and cottages of the old scout campsite, also in the island’s natural environment and even in water.