The first part of the trilogy is a dreamlike journey, the growing-up-attempt of the 18-year-old Balázs Gát. Balázs leaves his family in order to start his independent life, but it is difficult to break free from national and family ties.



He gathers 12 volunteers in a big city abroad in order to start his own revolution. His goal is simple: experiencing freedom. The film debuted as part of an installation in the INTERSECTION program of the Prague Quadrennial in June 2011. The istallation included a tour in the press building of Rudé Právo, the former Communist Party daily, where visitors could participate in a game prepared by the civil volunteers of the film. In the upper floor lounge, the photo series of Máté Tóth Ridovics entitled ’Speak to Me!’ was displayed. Following a lecture on a fictive theory by sociologist Miklós Hadas, our experimental film was screened in the huge press hall. Here, visitors gained an insight into the creative work of the volunteers. A few months after our project, the Právo building was demolished. After Prague, the film was presented in Budapest at Trafó and at the 42nd Hungarian Film Festival. Later it was projected in the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre in Vilnius and also at Festival/Tokyo.

Director: Péter Fancsikai
Director of Photography: Marcell Rév
Production Manager: András Pires Muhi