Patrick Sommier, director of MC93 Bobigny (partner theatre of Krétakör between 2001 and 2008) saw The Astronomer’s Dream programed at the Kapolcs-Valley of Arts festival in 2006. Inspired by our project, he invited us to use his entire theatre building to create a large-scale, site-specific happening.



Since the date of the project fell in May 2008, we decided to use our artwork to commemorate – in our own way – the Parisian events of forty years ago. We arrived at the venue with nearly 20 other collaborating artists (among them musicians and visual artists) to start the three-week long rehearsal period. An interesting aspect of the experiment was that the international team remained inside the theatre building for the whole time. The self-sufficient camp became the set of the happening. In the three weeks we had, we tried to meet as many people as possible in the district around the theatre. Those who seemed willing were asked to take part in the happening. Starting from 20 May, the space was opened to the public fifteen times with always different actions to participate in.

In May 2008, the theatre building became a real multicultural center.