Obstacle Race launched a series of theatre in education games that were played within the school context. MOBIL was the next one. It is a kind of reality game that enables participating secondary school students to reflect on their own reality.



The game is set in an imaginary school: one of the students secretly makes a recording of a teacher and puts it on a video sharing website without the teachers’ knowledge or consent. The game examines the consequences of this action: what it means for the student, for the victim, for the classmates, for the teachers and for the school.

MOBIL is an interactive theatre game where actors and participants play the story together. The story is prewritten; it is made up of clearly set situations that are initiated by the actors. They take a role and start to speak and act accordingly. Students have to find out from the acting what role they are to take in that particular situation. Every time we play MOBIL, we see the initial distrust and shyness of the group disappear. The reason for this is that the game makes it possible for every group to join the story at its own pace and rhythm.

Imagination is a form of protection for students and teachers. Under the shield of fiction, participants of MOBIL are more free to think and express themselves about their everyday issues. MOBIL gives some time and opens the floor for discussing problems that are difficult to talk about or are ignored due to lack of time. In the game, there is only a thin layer between reality and fiction (we are in a school, sitting in benches, there is a board in the front, the bell rings). Yet, it is this transparent layer that helps us shed light on the functioning of schools and the people within them.

Director: Schilling Árpád
Project Leader:  Romankovics Edit
Gamemasters: Edit Romankovics, Lilla Sárosdi, Sándor Terhes