Directed by Arpad Schilling in the Chaillot National Theatre in Paris, Noéplanète (Noah Planet) was a performance with French actors and circus artists and civil participants of Roma origin. Further developing the forms of The Priestess, live acting, acrobatic scenes and film sections made the production complete.



The director’s thoughts about the project are the following: “Is it possible to save every person in need? Are there people who can only count on miracles? Anyway, why do we want to save anyone? Because that is what we find morally right? Because of our religious commitment? To ease our conscience? We are thinking ahead because one day we might be in need? If we are saving someone, how do we do it? Do we provide everything or set criteria for our help? How do we choose the people we help? Is there an indicator measuring humiliation, vulnerability or need? Which immigrant is a real immigrant? Which persecuted person is the truly persecuted one? Are there people born to be helpers? Or anyone can become a helper? Is this linked to gender? Are women or men more dependent on help? Does predetermination exist? Or anything can be rewritten? Do we have a choice? And is there a chosen one?

Two years ago I visited a tiny village in Hungary. My aim was to use my own methods and promote cooperation between Roma and non-Roma people. These Roma people are not travellers. In fact, they want to assimilate, but their means are not enough and the attitude of the mainstream society is also not suitable. I have learned never to give up and to be strict with those in need so that they can stand on their own two feet. I got closer to reality and further away from art. I want to help more but I don’t want to kill the artist in me. I haven’t been to Paris in years. I returned because I was invited and I felt that I have something to say.

I am trying to tell a fictive story inspired by my past experiences and my creative partners. Through the harmony of different artistic languages, I try to reach the conclusion which has a very clear message: face reality and start to act! I am not a prophet but an artist. I have to face the fact that my task is also to entertain, to provide a spectacle. I do my best to show something that the audience will remember, at least until they arrive home. I am aware, that we all have plenty of difficulties. It is an honor that people are interested in my work.”

Following the premiere at the Chaillot, the performance was shown in Reims, in Geneva and in Belfort.