Obstacle Race is a theatre in education program of Káva Cultural Group and Krétakör. Back in 2008, the two organizations decided to conduct an innovative experiment in which they try to merge the latest techniques of constructivist pedagogy and contemporary theatre.

We developed an education program that offers students the possibility to actively participate in conflict situation models they are presented with. The set of the nearly two-hour-long fictive story is the school itself. There are scenes in classrooms, on corridors and even in the principal’s office. Basically, students have to represent themselves, but at certain points in the dramaturgy, they can take on the role of teachers or parents. This way, they can experience how different viewpoints can be justified. In the focus, there is freedom as the complex system of negotiation and compromises.Like theatre in education programs in general, our program doesn’t make statments, doesn’t tell students the ultimate truth. On the contrary, the methodology is based on maintaining constant uncertainty and asking questions.

From 2012, Káva took over and continued with the program.