Directors were invited by Árpád Schilling to the discussion series organized by Krétakör and Katona József Theatre to talk about their artistic programs, their strategies and views on theatre policy. In four occasions, the stage of Katona József Theatre gave the floor to artist from different generations following different artistic trends.

Schilling launched Theatre Makers with the following thoughts in mind:

“Those who are active in public life, might think that in Hungary we are not living in our times. To be precise, in the theatre world it is impossible to discuss issues that should be addressed now, because sometimes we come across the romantic ideals of the 19th century, other times we are faced with problems deriving from the rigid periods of the 20thcentury.

I find the situation alarming, because I feel that as time passes, we take ourselves less seriously. Nowadays it is not even necessary to write a proposal, we definitively accepted the lack of an independent jury, we barely talk about the young generation and we are only willing to talk about the audience – if we are at all – in terms of numbers. I have decided to ask Gábor Máté whether he would like to join me. This time, the goal was not to create a performance, but to launch some kind of professional discussion.  We would like to create an event that makes discussion about theatre interesting for the audience as well.”

Date, participants and video summary of the discussions:


16 February – Gábor Székely, Gábor Zsámbéki
2 March  – Tamás Fodor
16 March – Balázs Kovalik, János Mohácsi, Sándor Zsótér
28 April – Kornél Mundruczó, Béla Pintér