URBANRABBITs was a the result of a collaboration between CNAC (National Centre for Circus Arts) and Krétakör. Directed by Árpád Schilling, it premiered  on 17 December 2009 on the main campus of the school, located around 125 miles from Paris in Chalons-en-Champagne.



The performance embarked on an international tour in January 2010, during which we staged it in France, Italy, Malta, Romania, Serbia and Hungary on some 80 occasions.

In January 2010, the performance began its international tour during which it was performed nearly 80 times in France, Italy, Malta, Romania, Serbia and Hungary.

The performance is the result of a three-month workshop, based on the personal story of 16 acrobats. They turned ‘urban rabbits’ into a metaphor for the everyday fight between men and women using acrobatic elements as a unique, poetic language of these struggles. The main objective of acrobats is to astonish their audience. In our performance however, these young artists gave up a circus convention and did not repeat their failed tricks. During these nights, the audience could witness how the human body is limitless and vulnerable at the same time. The aesthetics of the performance remained true to Árpád Schilling’s artistic creed. It was dense and bare: performers wearing their own tracksuits, no specially designed set, the theatrical space was created by the students’ own circus equipment. Nevertheless, the performance reflected the ideal of limitless theatre. From realistic acting techniques to fascinating circus acts, performers used different theatrical genres, while singing, dancing and playing the music themselves.