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No society without civil society: Hungary needs us

The work of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is essential to Hungarian society. We conduct diverse and irreplaceable work while striving for the common good and the achievement of democracy: the self-organisation of citizens provides shared opportunities for cultural, educational, health and environmental advocacy. Moreover, it allows groups of citizens to jointly represent their interests, participate in public life, and keep the political power of office holders in check at all times. We [...]

I know that as a man, I will have to carry this shame with me all throughout my life

In this post you can listen and read Árpád Schilling's opening speech at Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival from last year. Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen! Let me welcome you all. It is a great honour for me to have been asked to hold this speech by Festival Director Oksana Sarkisova. All the more so as I consider Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival the most important one among Hungarian film festivals. For documentaries transmit not on [...]

Goverment against NGO’s

Even though Krétakör Foundation has not been in the headlines in the past weeks, recently we have also experienced how the government is trying to disable the critical NGOs. The message of the Government Control Office (KEHI) investigations in May 2014 ordered personally by the prime minister against the 62 organizations that were directly funded by the Norwegian state, was that the NGOs mean threat. The government’s latest campaign against the NGOs also declares the reason why: because NGOs are [...]