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In response to the Hungarian government’s national consultation, the Krétakör Foundation, as an organization addressing social issues, has launched an alternative consultation under the title #igazine [...]

Free School’s first 3 years

In 2013 Krétakör launched Free School (Szabadiskola), in which until today nearly 200 students have participated, from more than 40 schools. Students led discussions to their peers, created street art [...]

See the Human!

The See the Human! campaign and the demonstration and artistic performance titled Testimony on September 30th, 2016 was initiated by Róbert Alföldi, Péter Horgas, Árpád Schilling, and by the Civil Lib [...]

Princess Margriet Award

This year the Krétakör Foundation received one of the most prominent cultural acknowledgments of the continent: the European Cultural Foundation’s (ECF) Princess Margriet Award for Culture. Krétakör w [...]

The Day of Fury

The play’s theme is man’s endless vulnerability. The plan is to examine the extremist manifestation of the social hierarchy by using the theatre’s tools. The question that we ask the audience is: is [...]