The See the Human! campaign and the demonstration and artistic performance titled Testimony on September 30th, 2016 was initiated by Róbert Alföldi, Péter Horgas, Árpád Schilling, and by the Civil Liberties Union (TASZ), the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the Artemisszó Foundation, the Migszol Group, The City is for All (AVM), the School of Public Life (Közélet Iskolája), the Eötvös Károly Institute (EKINT) and the Krétakör Foundation.

The call:

„The majority of those heading to Europe, are fleeing wars and dictatorships, in other words they are fleeing from extreme vulnerability. Moreover, more than half of these people are minors! Europe and in it Hungary, means the only chance: the hope to them. If we refuse to help we also become responsible for their sufferings. We cannot turn our heads away in a moment when we’re still holding the possibility to change the course of our fate common with the refugees. Therefore we are calling upon all people of good will to join us in Kossuth Square on Sunday September 30th to express our sympathy with those who had to leave their homes against their will. Let us send out the message together that love, acceptance and solidarity are not risky: we are not afraid!
All humane and conscientious citizens should join forces for this cause. The demonstration will strengthen the voice of all those who would open their door for the ones seeking shelter.
The September 30 event highlighted primarily positive values: the affirmation of peace, human rights, freedom and solidarity. It is all the same to us if the person in undignified position is a citizen or someone without papers, our conscience tells us to contribute with the appropriate means to help them regain their dignity and take their fate in their own hands again.”


Róbert Alföldi:

Árpád Schilling:

Andrea Fullajtár:

More than 30 artists came together for the „Testimony”, an artistic performance initiated by Péter Horgas to create a symbol in the size of Guernica commemorating the victims of the war.

„Until there is peace in Aleppo” video with the artists:

Péter Horgas has said: “We have called and we will call on artists and groups in different parts of the world. We ask them each to paint their own Aleppo and sew it – as we sewed together the different squares and pieces – they should also sew their creation to our picture. And this red river should flow around the world until there is peace in Aleppo. And when it becomes a livable city again we would like it to be placed there.”

Artists who joined the project:
György Árvai, István Badóczky, Levente Bagossy, Mari Benedek, Tibor Bornai, László Böröcz, Nóra Bujdosó, Ágnes Eperjesi, Krisztián Gergye, Tünde Gersbühl, Móni Hafner, Béla Horgas, Zoltán Imre, Dorottya Kanics, Zoltán Kemény, András Király, Ferenc Koloncsák, Mihály Lukács, Zsuzsi Medve, Bálint Miksa, András Mohácsi, Fruzsina Nagy, Csaba Nemes, Nelli Pallós, Nóra L. Ritók, Edit Szűcs, Miklós Szűts, Tóbiás Terebessy and Erzsébet Vojnich.

Photo: Gabriella Csoszó