The play’s theme is man’s endless vulnerability. The plan is to examine the extremist manifestation of the social hierarchy by using the theatre’s tools. The question that we ask the audience is: is it possible that we are still cavemen in the 21st century?

“I am going to stage this play with the participation of Krétakör’s superb, internationally renowned actors. I am planning to make it an actor-centered play, in which there will be no illustration but the tension created by the acting men. Simplicity and precision in Bergman’s style, a lab medical report on the marginalized half of Europe. My goal is to inspire a heated debate after the play by the members of the audience but not about what they saw but their own life: about their vulnerability and responsibility.” – Árpád Schilling.

International premier: 11 November 2015, Athens, Onassis Cultiral Center
Hungarian premier: 30 November 2015, Trafó – Kortárs Művészetek Háza